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Museums & Heritage

ELWJ offers a range of services for heritage sites

and museums, from photographing artefacts, documenting public outreach events and creating multi-media for galleries/exhibitions.


Capturing striking moments can be the key to unlocking the puzzle of thousands of years of time. ELWJ uses a dynamic range of skills and techniques to capture shots that are aimed to grab the attention of visitors. Finding new and exciting ways to bring the past to life is challenging, but with accurately created multimedia and stunning visuals, the past can seem closer than ever before.




In partnership with Cambridge Archaeological Unit, ELWJ produced, filmed and edited an 8 part pilot series showcasing some of the amazing artefacts found during the excavation of Must Farm. This project is now part of a wider engagement project with funding from Historic England, Cambridge University and Forterra to make archaeology more accessible and one of the videos has been featured in Peterborough Museum's 2024 'Introducing Must Farm' exhibition.